Price for Development

There are many templates from which to choose. I use the StudioPress theme for WordPress, which is included in the price of developing the your website.

Then the website needs to be structured. You’ll see on my sample site here that there are at most 3 levels. Site structure is very important if you want someone to find your website, which develops your chosen theme.

Here is a website as an example of pricing for website development. For me to develop a website for you that’s about the same size and complexity will cost about $1000.

The SEO for your site is about you verbiage creating page content and then me editing it for SEO. Every page or post needs graphics. Give me what you have then I’ll edit them and fill in others as needed.

Putting content into you site is one thing, but making that content suitable for search engines is something else. The structuring of the content for this particular site will be another $1000.

Please make initial payment for work to begin and then once the site is up and completed the SEO portion will be due for that work to begin.

Price for Maintenance

I recommend you get your own hosting account, and I use Siteground for hosting mine. If you own your own hosting account you website is in your own control. The annual fee for this is less than $100.

The basic level of maintenance service I provide consists of editing and posting 2 articles a month. You write it and I edit and post it to your website and Google Maps. I’ll also send you an excerpt for you Facebook business page or account.

Both Maps and your Facebook page should contain links to your the post on your website. This allows the search engine to register your latest activity. More posts than this usually means a lower quality article. Just like the quality of your initial site needs to be high, so also every subsequent post.

Both your Maps account and your website’s Search Console require monthly review and maintenance to deal with any issues. The information gathered from these reviews may prompt site changes to better your standing.

Finally, another maintenance item is monthly whole site backups. I actually lost a website of my own that was hacked, so backups are good.

My monthly charge for the maintenance service for your site is $300. When all these factors are combined you’ll have a successful SEO solution.


PayPal makes a monthly charge easy.