About SEO Consultant Drexel Hill

SEO Consultant Drexel Hill, PA


I’m Cliff Johnson, and I’m a SEO Consultant living in Drexel Hill, PA. And what I’m about, is that I’m a website designer and search engine optimization (SEO) specialist and digital marketing consultant.

You know your business and it’s strengths, and the crucial function I serve is SEO or digital marketing. Together we can present you in a way that will attract attention from those whom you want to reach.

Technical Experience

I’ve been creating websites for people for nearly 20 years which means I have “life experience” for many situation. I’ve seen a few things, so I think I can help you tell your story. I’m a professional website designer and will make you a website using the best content creation tools for SEO.

I’m also an experienced photographer and videographer who enjoys computers and technology. In today’s online age we must acquire and retain interest to get a chance to tell our story, and a visual presentation is an intrical part of that.

As a photographer who uses Photoshop and Lightroom I can bring your images to the professional level. And as a videographer I shoot and edit footage so they’ll be first-class. These are essential presentation tools in this graphics-oriented age.

Copy Writer and Editor for SEO

As a storyteller I can help you tell your story in a fun and interesting way that draws in the audience. With the average attention span at only 8 seconds today, you’ll have to entertain as well as inform. I will edit and structure your articles for maximum impact both with your audience and the search engines.

Maximum Impact

We’ll create a stunning website for you, designed to be attractive, informative, and effective in placing high in the rankings. I use all the latest software to create well designed and functional websites that look great on phones as well as desktops. Also, I employee all means available to promote your website to prominence, which includes creating quality content and increasing brand recognition.

Most importantly though, as an SEO consultant, I keep pulse on the search engines while they keep track of what our culture demands. Therefore, you can be assured that your audience will find information about your services online. “Because what good is a website that no one can find”? Please see my Contact Page and get in touch.