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Relevant Search Results

Someone enters a search term or phrase into Google and the results of the most relevant websites are returned. These days Google is trying to return the best quality results, that means the most relevant. When you do a search you want the most relevant search results, right? Results that answer the intent of your query.

Define Your Brand

Is your site the best there is that Google should return your site on top? You are unique and everyone brings their own dynamic to the table. Why should someone want to connect with you? To what advantage would it be for them? In marketing terms this is called brand. What is your brand? How would you define it?

First of all, you need to own your content. That is, a web designer may have put your site together for you and now they are done. They have written from their perspective about your business. Once they turn it over to you it’s your turn to accurately represent who you are, your brand, on your new website. Your brand defines who you are uniquely, which only you can define.

There are two factors here. First is how you differentiated yourself from the pack. The second is, does your site really accurately who you unique are , i.e. does it clearly represent your brand? This will make you stand out.

The Prominence Factor

What authority or prominence does your site possess? Sites with more “authority” are favored by the search engine over websites with less “authority”. How does the search engine determine authority? There are two ways. First the more mentions they find of your brand and links to your website across the web the greater the authority they attribute to your website.

Another measure of authority is how well a given page of your website matches any particular search term, as compared to competing websites. Your page may be favored because it best uniquely fits an entered search phrase. This page will have more authority. When this page links to a category page above it, some of it’s authority is transferred to that page. That’s the importance of site structure.

This then is the measure of prominence. For more on how to achieve this prominence see my article on building links to your website.

Keep It Current and Fresh

The SEO mantra is post regularly, at least every couple weeks. An old static site is less valued that an alive growing site. Be alive and grow your ideas and your website.

Then you need to keep it razor sharp in freshness by updating your site regularly as you hone your skills, desires, and attitudes. Everything needs to be current. You are changing constantly and possibly so is your brand. Therefore, you constantly need to keep your site up-to-date.

That doesn’t mean that a video you published a year ago is outdated, but have you added something of value recently? Things in your world are changing and you’re growing as a person and so you’ll want to keep your site current and fresh and, you see, therefore highly relevant. Go through all your pages and update them regularly, and your most important articles like every 6 months.

Have Original Content

Your content is original because you are unique. And because you are unique so should be your content. Just your attempt to summarize and explain can be original because it’s your perspective on the subject. It’s your uniqueness that makes you stand our from the crowd. And if your uniqueness makes you the best choice in certain areas and situations then you’re going to want to make that clear.

Are you growing in defining who you are and the market you serve? Do you do everything well and are you truly a master at those things you do? Excell at what you do and others will want to connect with you!

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