SEO Consultant Pricing

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Price for Development

SEO consultant pricing has several components. First task of an SEO consultant is to build a website strictly for SEO purposes; SEO should be build-in, not added-on. There are many templates from which to choose. I use the StudioPress themes for WordPress, which is included in the pricing for the development of your website. WordPress is the best tool for building websites for SEO and StudioPress themes are the best WordPress themes I’ve found for SEO purposes.

Organizing Your Content

Then you’ll need your content pages, which are topics that organize your website into a clear presentation. Altogether they represent who you are, the work you do and your particular message, which is your brand.

Larger websites need to be structured in categories. You’ll see on this sample site that there are at most 3 levels of structure. Clear site structure makes the organization of your material clear to your website visitors and shows the search engine how various pages are connected.

Price For Website Development

Here is a website as an example of pricing for website development pricing. For me to develop a website for you that’s about the same size and complexity will cost $1000. The home page may be more elaborate and the other pages more topical, but everything is attractive.

We’ll create your content from the verbiage you give me for each page and then by me editing it for SEO and presentation quality before publishing. Every page or post needs graphics. What graphics can represent your brand? Give me your ideas what you have then I’ll edit them and fill in others I as needed.

Price For SEO Development

Putting up strictly what you give me is one thing but my editing that content into a presentation is where the SEO takes place. There is also keyword research and metadata that are required for every page for SEO purposes. All these SEO tasks will add another $1000 to the initial build of your website.

Please make initial payment of 50% for work to begin and then once the site is up and visible, then the remaining 50% would be due to begin work and bring to completion the SEO portion.

Your Own Hosting Account

You’ll need a hosting account; these are companies that host your website on their hardware and make it available to the world wide web. Usually website developers want to run your website themselves, which give them complete control over your website. That’s a bad idea for you.

I recommend you get your own hosting account, and I use Siteground, which I also recommend for your website. If you have your own hosting account your website is in your control. The annual fee for this is less than $100.

Own Your Own Domain Name

Your website name is another item that some website development companies want to purchase for you. Usually they don’t even tell you that this item is separate from hosting. Again, if they own it, this time your domain name, they have complete control over your this valuable resource.

Don’t let any company own your website name, own it yourself. Many smart people have fallen into this trap, so don’t be one of them. This is a separate distinct fee and doesn’t have to be purchased from your hosting company, but it can be. They’ll in turn lease the name you choose from ICANN with you as the registered owner.

Price for Maintenance

The entry level of maintenance service I provide consists of editing and posting 2 basic, 300-400 words, blog or portfolio articles a month plus maintenance of your 2 Google accounts. You write it and I edit and post it to your website and your Google Maps account. I’ll also send you an excerpt for each post that you will then in turn post to your Facebook business page.

Both your Google My Business account (Google Maps) and Facebook business page should contain a link to the post on your website; just paste in the URL I give you. This allows the search engine to register your latest activity. More posts than this could mean a lower quality article, and quality is paramount.

Just like the quality of your initial site needs to be high, so also does every subsequent post. Go beyond merely good content to great content and achieve prominence.

Both your Google My Business account and your website’s Google Search Console require monthly review to deal with any issues that can and do occur. The information gathered from these dashboard reviews may prompt site changes to better your search engine rankings.

SEO Consultant Pricing

Finally, another maintenance item is monthly whole-site backups. I actually lost a website of my own that was hacked, so backups are a good thing.

My monthly charge for this level maintenance service for your site is $300, bigger more complex sites will require more work and cost. These are the components of an effective SEO solution, let’s implement them together. Get in touch today!


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